VIKASA Capital Advisors is based in Oklahoma City coupled with a global presence. Our global structure and team provide us with expertise in emerging markets. We provide pension funds, institutions, and asset managers direct exposure to emerging markets alpha. VIKASA Capital’s mission stipulates that sound economic decisions are based on strong values. Values are at the core of VIKASA Capital. We are an active Global Citizen as well as an investor.

Pension Fund Advisory

Our investments are designed for pension funds. Emerging markets require special skill sets to manage risk while providing for non-correlated alpha. VIKASA Capital can provide direct access to markets to provide diversification and balance for portfolios.

Family Office

VIKASA Capital Advisor’s investment approach is ideal for family offices. Family offices can benefit from our global infrastructure for direct investment in both public and private markets. Separately Managed Accounts provide a perfect vehicle for tailor-made portfolios. Family offices can benefit from direct investment over Limited Partnerships in many cases. VIKASA can manage direct investment strategies for individual family offices. Our global network of asset managers can afford new opportunities previously unavailable for family offices.


VIKASA can work with family offices to evaluate their portfolio in total and design specific strategies for the portfolio. We can assist in every phase of family office operations and asset management. Through our global network, VIKASA Capital Advisors offers end to end family office advisory.

Emerging Manager

VIKASA Capital Advisors is an Emerging Manager. Studies have proven, diversity in asset management can benefit investment decisions. A wide perspective offers more insight which impacts investment processes. VIKASA Capital is a minority-owned investment advisor with assets under $1 Billion USD. Research has proven that alpha is in inverse proportion to AUM. The more assets a firm has, the less return they provide. As portfolios become so massive it becomes difficult for strong investments to move the entire portfolio. Also, often times asset managers do more to protect large portfolios rather than seek higher returns